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Warehousing Strategy, Design and Operation Istaknuto

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  • Podnaslov: Warehouse Operations with Lightning Speed - Skladišne operacije brzinom svjetlosti
  • Mjesto održavanja: Hotel Antunović, Zagrebačka avenija 100a, Zagreb
  • Vrijeme održavanja: 19.04.2018 (9,00 - 16,00 h)
  • Vaše ulaganje: 1690,00 Kn + PDV
  • Napomena: Jezik seminara je engleski (The seminar will be held on English)
  • Trener: Patrick Daly & Antonio Zrilić




The warehouse has traditionally been the Cinderella department in many businesses, and this has particularly been the case in the manufacturing sector. However, the advent of supply chain management (SCM) has highlighted the importance that warehousing plays, as a vital link in the supply chain, in helping best-in-class companies to gain competitive advantage and WIN in today’s economy. 

The warehouse is highly integrated in today’s supply chain and an inappropriately designed and operated warehouse will play havoc with planning, production, quality and customer service whereas a well managed and operated warehouse will add value to your business and deliver real competitive advantage. 

For quite some time now I have wanted to bring together a collection of my best concepts, ideas and real-life case studies for my clients to help them in a truly practical and pragmatic sense to engage with and address the many challenges encountered day-to-day in warehousing strategy and operations. This course Warehousing Strategy, Design and Operation is the outcome. 



The three top items that I hope that you will take away from this course are: 

  • The warehousing function is a critical component of the supply chain of any business in the economy of the 21st century and a true source of competitive advantage.
  • The warehouse is a highly integrated component of a modern business and as such warrants due focus and attention - the warehouse can no longer be the Cinderella department.
  • There are huge opportunities to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of warehousing operations through the application with focus and determination of some straightforward tools and techniques.


Who should attend:


  • Enterprenours and directors

  • Supply Chain and Operations Managers

  • Logistics and Shipping Managers

  • Warehouse and Materials Managers

  • Finance and Procurement Managers

  • Customer Services Managers 

How to attend?

  • you can attend on this workshop separately:
  • you can attend together on this workshop and SCM conference and enjoy special price  

What is covered?

Warehouse Strategy & Warehouse Design

  • How to turn warehouse into true source of competitive advantage
  • warehouse integration in today’s supply chain 

Function That Shouldn't Be Delegated

  • People, Skills and Learning
  • People Productivity in warehouse

Warehouse Technology & Equipment

  • What technology is right for you?
  • Project Justification

Sustaining Improvement in Warehouse Operations

  • Planning, production, quality and customer service


Dobro je činiti dobro - pomažemo ono u što vjerujemo: 


Pametne ploče za pametnu školu 

Ulaganjem u LOGIKO seminare pomažete  projekt Pametne ploče za pametnu školu jer dio prihoda od ovih seminara ide u korist ovog projekta. 

Pročitaj više 






  • Presentation of the latest know-hoq in the field of logistics - Current concepts and strategies
  • Presentation of methods used in warehouse operations by using appropriate exercises
  • Interactive workshop - mutual exchange of experiences

About the trainer:

Patrick Daly is the founder and Managing Director of Alba Consulting and helps his clients achieve supply chain excellence to accelerate profitable growth. Patrick has worked with some of the top companies in manufacturing, distribution and logistics services in Europe, Asia and the Americas to achieve dramatic improvements in logistics capabilities and supply chain performance.

Patrick is an accomplished consultant, speaker and author and has been active in the logistics sector for 23 years. He has been running his own consultancy firm since 1996.

Patrick has authored dozens of articles and blogs internationally and is a regular guest speaker and lecturer with universities and professional bodies in Europe, the Middle East, India and China including the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (Ireland), The Global Supply Chain Council (Shanghai), the Supply Chain and Logistics Group (Dubai) and VIT Chennai (India).

Clients who have benefitted from working with Patrick cite the following outcomes:

  • Improved capabilities for growth
  • Improved customer service
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Reduced working capital
  • Improved return on invested capital
  • Acceleration of pace and urgency to achieve results
  • Reduced complexity and risk


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