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If you need to solve a complex problem in Supply Chain Management...

Services that Logiko provides through business consulting and process optimization are specific. Some of the TOP demands of every manager and entrepreneur...:

  • Profitability increase and growth
  • Improving cash-flow and business efficiency  
  • Reducing costs while maintaining the level of service required by customers

From the mouth of our clients:

"... He was the engine to drive change!" - Hristina Funa, Director, SYNPEKS - Macedonia

"... He has returned us the faith in ourselves to make great and significant changes!" - Karolina Peric. Director, IMACO Systemtechnik - BIH

"... We have made a quantum leap in productivity and efficiency!" - Toni Grubisic, Director, FRIGO PLUS

"... We dramatically improved our cash flow ..." - Edvard Varda, Director, Zoo hobby


Profitability Wizard

After sales and revenue growth, profit is one of the favorite toys of every entrepreneur, manager and owner. Profit is actually the essence of a whole entrepreneurial endeavor. If there is no profit then the entrepreneur cannot execute his mission, no matter if it is selfish or generous; no matter if it refers to private wealth or to the welfare of the community and society. The task of every enterprise as a profit organization is to make profit so that it can achieve its higher goal.

How to achieve profitability? There are several ways and they depend on the type of business and industry.

Three of the resources that stand out today as crucial to increase efficiency are people, materials and capacities.

  • Human work
  • Materials
  • Capacities

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Logistic Accelerator

Logistic accelerator is a LOGIKO methodology for accelerating logistical operations, asset turnover (stock, etc.), and overall increase in efficiency in order to grow and make profit. In order for your warehouse to be fast, it must be FAST!

So, FAST represents an acronym for what will help your warehouse and warehouse operations to become as quick as lightning:

  • FLOW

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Cash-Flow Generator

We all agree that cash-flow is the company's bloodstream and that the ultimate goal of doing business is to return the cash we have invested in the business. This cash cycle reminds me particularly of the cycle happening in nature – ice melts at a certain temperature and turns into water; the water vaporizes; then it falls again in the form of water to the ground and after the temperature lowers, it turns again into ice. Operational assets of an enterprise can also be divided into three aggregate states:

  • Cash
  • Stock
  • Receivables

If you want to find out how to speed up the cycle of converting your property into cash and if you are interested in cooperation, we suggest a short meeting at your office whenever it suits you.

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